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Our story at nReach began with a shared passion for decentralization and the Web3 movement. As data experts, we know that Web3 empowers users with sovereignty and privacy, as it should have been in Web1. But traditional CRM platforms relying on PII and emails that we’ve now made obsolete.

We’re on a mission to help Web3 businesses navigate the waters of the new digital era by leveraging deep intelligence, and all the customer relationship management tools you desire to manage your relationships with.

After conducting interviews with 500 Go-To-Market executives, we discovered that they commonly utilize Excel and Block Explorer. Due to the complex nature of the data infrastructure in traditional Web2, we recognized the necessity for an entirely new approach to Web3. As a result, nReach was created.

Meet Our Team

Yaniv Azar

Yaniv Azar, the cofounder and CEO of nReach, is an accomplished AI and data-driven solutions expert. With a strong background in leadership roles at Israel Elite Intelligence Unit 8200, Yaniv brings extensive experience in driving innovation and tackling complex challenges. His passion for revolutionizing the Web3 space fuels nReach’s mission to transform Go-To-Market strategies with data-driven insights.

David Solomon

David, co-founder and CTO of nReach, combines technical expertise with a product-focused mindset. With a background in Electrical Engineering and physics, he has over 10 years of experience in B2B systems, leveraging AI and data-driven solutions. David’s profound understanding of product development and passion for innovation fuel nReach’s platform advancements, meeting the evolving needs of web3 businesses.

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