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Founded on a commitment to decentralization and the Web3 movement, nReach was created by David and Yaniv, who identified a crucial gap in the market. Traditional Web2 strategies, reliant on personal data and emails, were ineffective for Web3 growth.

To address this, leveraging their deep expertise in Big Data and AI they developed

nReach is a holistic platform tailored specifically for Web3 companies. From market research and lead discovery to engagement, leads management, and customer success, our platform provides a comprehensive solution in one hub designed for Web3 needs. We are harnessing our technology and knowledge to develop tools and playbooks, leveraging real-time big data and deep intelligence for a data-driven approach to go-to-market.

We’re on a mission to help Web3 businesses navigate the waters of the new digital era, committed to nurture the broader ecosystem and strive to be the driving force in reshaping the web as we know it.

Meet Our Team

Yaniv Azar (@yanivazar)

Yaniv Azar, the cofounder and CEO of nReach, is an accomplished AI and data-driven solutions expert. With a strong background in leadership roles at Israel Elite Intelligence Unit 8200, Yaniv brings extensive experience in driving innovation and tackling complex challenges. His passion for revolutionizing the Web3 space fuels nReach’s mission to transform Go-To-Market strategies with data-driven insights.

David Solomon (@Soldi_sol)

David, co-founder and CTO of nReach, combines technical expertise with a product-focused mindset. With a background in Electrical Engineering and physics, he has over 10 years of experience in B2B systems, leveraging AI and data-driven solutions. David’s profound understanding of product development and passion for innovation fuel nReach’s platform advancements, meeting the evolving needs of web3 businesses.

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