Events are excellent for driving new business opportunities! But, don’t rely solely on the event days to make connections. 

Maximize event potential by launching a Telegram outreach campaign, before the event starts. Pre-event outreach campaigns boast a 50+% response rate, and are highly effective in driving new business opportunities. They also help you schedule more appointments during the conference, making the most of your time there.

Use a platform like nReach to help you find the relevant attendees and send automated outreach messages, manual outreach can be time-consuming and less effective.


campaign response rate

Now for the crucial part—the messaging.

Here are our top messaging tips to boost your response rates:

Mention the Event:
Start your message by referencing the event. For example, “Saw you’ll be in Belgium during EthCC” or “Are you coming to EthCC next month?” This grabs their attention and highlights the relevance.

Value Proposition:
Include a concise value proposition. Do you have event related value to offer? Now is the time to do it, it can even be an invite to a side event that is relevant for both of you, anything that would be valuable for your recipient.

Schedule a Pre-Event Call:
Suggest a quick intro call before the event. This can set the stage for closing deals during the event itself.

Test Different Versions:
Even if you think you have the perfect message or CTA, run at least two versions to see what works best. You might be surprised 🙂 nReach can help you with A/B testing.

Use a Sequence:
People’s phones are swamped, so a follow-up 1-2 days after your first message can increase response rates. Limit your sequence to 3-4 messages.

Here’s an example of an effective outreach message template:

pre event messaging


Hope you find these tips helpful! Feel free to DM me at @tullynk with any feedback.

See you at the next event!


In the dynamic landscape of Web3, events are a great opportunity for building new connections and discovering avenues for growth. It’s not just about attending the event, you can leverage events for targeted outreach campaigns to forge new business connections.

Here are a few strategies for effective event-specific outreach campaigns:

Locating Event Attendees:

To reach out to event attendees, you’ll need to be able to locate them first, and it is tricky, it’s not like you can just skim through a public directory, you’ll need to do some online research or leverage a targeted tool.
Here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Follow event-related social media pages, where attendees often interact.
  • Searching for and joining event-specific Telegram groups, using direct searches on Telegram or leveraging your network for invites to private groups.
  • Use nReach where you can get access to Web3 events attendee data, including filtering capabilities to ensure focus on individuals matching your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) from the broader attendee list.

Pre event outreach 

We recommend that you kickstart your networking 10-14 days before the event.
Here are a few tips for a pre event outreach with the goal of creating new business connections and scheduling meetings for the upcoming event:

  • Actively engage in social media and event-specific Telegram groups. Introduce yourself, create genuine connections, and provide value in conversations.
  • Utilize nReach for scaled outreach on Telegram without manual effort. If you do choose to manually send outreach messages, remember to pace your messages to avoid being flagged as spam.
  • Send concise, personalized and relevant messages offering value for a meaningful exchange. For more tips on how to write a telegram outreach message read more here.
  • Implement a follow-up sequence with nReach to engage those who initially missed your message, optimizing outreach effectiveness during the busy event seasons.

Post event outreach

After the event, when attendees are back to their routine, is when they actually have time to review messages. So make sure you run a post event campaign as well.
Here are a few strategies to ensure effective post-event communication:

  • Take the time to go through the past conversations to follow up on the ones that initiated but have not yet matured. Now that the event is over, it is time to push forward the relationship to the next step. 
  • Launch another outreach campaign to unresponsive attendees, suggesting a catch up post the event, this might reveal new collaboration opportunities.


Looking to maximize your impact this Web3 event season? We’re here to support your outreach campaign efforts. Connect with us on Telegram for tailored advice and strategies!

Like many other Web3 entrepreneurs and enthusiastic I just got back from ETH Denver, and wow, what a ride! This place is a goldmine for anyone deep into Web3. It’s buzzing, growing, and super important in the scene. 

Sure, with all the parties and happy hours, it’s a blast, but the real deal? Making those solid business connections. Everyone’s there to hustle, and it totally shows. Had the chance to chat with current and future clients, and trust me, it was worth it. 

Here are a few valuable insights I plan to use to level it up for the next conference:

  • Maximizing Pre and Post-Conference Engagement: Our experience at ETH Denver underscored the importance of proactive outreach. Leveraging nReach’s platform, we could identify and connect with conference attendees via Telegram, both before and after the event. This feature proved critical in setting the stage for meaningful interactions as it was the source of most of our meetings. It enabled us to make the most of our time, ensuring no moment was wasted.

  • The Power of Teamwork: The sheer volume of events and opportunities at ETH Denver highlighted a crucial lesson: one representative is simply not enough. With our client base expanding at an impressive rate of 100% QoQ, it became evident that a more robust team presence was necessary to cover the amount of simultaneous events and meetings. Moving forward, deploying two to three team members will be our standard practice to ensure no opportunity is missed.

  • Don’t Rely Solely on Your Memory: Among the more practical insights gained was the simple yet effective tactic of taking selfies with new acquaintances. Not only did this help us cement new relationships, but it also served as a safeguard against the mix-ups that can occur in the fast-paced conference environment, such as exchanging incorrect contact information. This personal touch added a memorable element to our interactions, making post-conference follow-ups effective.

  • The Unmatched Value of Face-to-Face Interactions: Perhaps the most compelling revelation was the irreplaceable value of face-to-face meetings. The immediate return on investment from deals closed during the conference was unparalleled, reaffirming that in-person interactions remain the gold standard in business development and networking. The energy, immediacy, and personal connection of face-to-face engagements enhance the potential for meaningful collaborations.

  • The Early Bird Gets the Worm: The true value lies not just in the main event but in the side events, which offer a more targeted and intimate experience. However, with everything getting fully booked at lightning speed, securing a spot requires foresight and prompt action. This is where nReach again proved to be an invaluable tool; by enabling us to access the contact information of event organizers directly, we could reach out personally and ensure our participation. This proactive and personalized approach set us apart, allowing us to navigate the bustling event landscape of ETH Denver more effectively and secure our place at key gatherings before they reached capacity.


Events offer significant business opportunities but come with distractions and time constraints. To capitalize fully, advance preparation is key. Utilize effective tools and strategies to navigate the event, ensuring you gain the maximum benefit!

Hope you find these tips useful and looking forward to crossing paths at the next Web3 event!

When you are looking to grab attention from your prospect leads, picking the right channel is critical, you need to choose the channel where your lead spends most of his time on, no use sending an email or reaching out on Linkedin if your prospect recipient rarely checks these platforms.

In Web3 space, Telegram is King. Despite its relative newness, Telegram has become a key player for sales, customer success, and business development professionals, boasting one of the highest growth rates among messaging platforms.

This is why TG outreach is a must for Web3 sales.

While Telegram might seem a bit overwhelming at first, however, with the right approach and tools, it can significantly boost your engagement rates and success in closing deals.


Here are a few best practices to kickstart your success:

Personalize your account:
Write a short bio and personalize it with a nice photo—maybe a photo with your pet or an NFT you own.

Warm up the account:
Engage in relevant groups and start personal conversations before beginning your outreach to minimize the risk of being marked as spam. For insights on effectively warming up your Telegram account, explore our detailed guide.

Filter your contacts:
Ensure your messages are targeted by selecting recipients who are relevant to your outreach, reducing the chance of being seen as spam as well as protecting your brand’s reputation.

Create engaging messages:
The opening sentence is crucial as it influences the recipient’s decision if to open or ignore your message. Write concise messages with a hook in the first sentence to ensure they’re opened, read more tips on how to craft a winning outreach message on this post.

Scale your outreach:
Use a dedicated platform like nReach for efficient, well-paced messaging.

Manage responses:
Outreach is only the beginning. Prepare ahead to quickly address replies using tools to sort and respond to unread messages, make sure to have templates ready for frequently asked questions.

Share demo videos:
Telegram allows for effective demo sharing with visible previews, enhancing your message’s impact.


As it emerges as a key communication platform in the Web3 space, staying ahead with Telegram is not just beneficial—it’s essential.


Embarking on an outreach strategy in the dynamic world of web3 sales? You’re in the right place. This guide strips away the complexity and distills the essence of an effective outreach strategy.
No fluff, just the good stuff — straight to the point, insightful, and unconventional.


The Three Pillars of Outreach

Outreach isn’t just about reaching out; it’s about making meaningful connections.
Your strategy should rest on three key pillars:

  • Short: No one has the time for a novel in their inbox. Keep it concise.
  • Multichannel: Choose the right channels where your prospects are most active, but diversify by selecting at least two to avoid relying on a single platform 
  • Consistent: Persistence is key. It often takes more than ten touches to capture someone’s attention.


The CRM Backbone

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system isn’t just nice to have; it’s your outreach backbone. It organizes contacts, tracks progress, and helps identify patterns in your outreach efforts. HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive are popular choices, but for those deep in the web3 trenches, exploring niche CRMs tailored for Telegram like nReach might offer a strategic edge.


Crafting Your Multichannel Sequence

Mixing channels like email, Telegram, and LinkedIn amplifies your reach. Twitter can be a wildcard—powerful if you have a strong presence, but it can also be a black hole where messages disappear. Discord offers a direct line to community members but tread carefully; decision-makers might not hang out there. Telegram has proven to have 2–3x response rates in comparison to email.

Here’s a suggested sequence for your first foray into multichannel outreach:

  • Day 1: Telegram DM + LinkedIn connection.
  • Day 2: LinkedIn comment/DM + follow-up Telegram DM.
  • Day 3: Twitter as a new channel touchpoint.
  • Day 5-7: Alternate between Telegram DMs, LinkedIn activities, twitter and email follow-ups, aiming for a mix of professional and personal touches.
  • Day 10: Wrap up with a personalized video or a meme on Telegram—something to break the pattern and elicit a response.


Quality vs. Quantity

The temptation to play the numbers game is real, but web3’s ecosystem thrives on quality, not quantity. A tailored, relevant approach may involve more effort upfront but yields far higher engagement rates. Transition from being a “sender” to a genuine connector by focusing on relevance and personalization. Remember, a 10% response rate is a sign you’re on the right track.


Home Work: Laying the Groundwork

Start by selecting three outreach channels that your prospect clients are most active on as well as align with your presence. If you lean towards unconventional channels like Telegram or Twitter, prepare for the manual effort of building targeted lead lists – or use the database we have at nReach.


Next Steps

The journey doesn’t end here. The upcoming guides will delve into building a comprehensive campaign from scratch and mastering the art of copywriting in outreach. These resources are designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the web3 landscape successfully.

For now, consider this your foundational blueprint. Experiment, adapt, and always aim for meaningful connections over mere transactions. And remember, in the realm of web3 outreach, being genuine, relevant, and persistent pays off.



Stay tuned for upcoming insights on Web3 outreach strategies and here’s to transforming your outreach from a daunting challenge into a thriving opportunity.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any thoughts, ideas, or questions—I’m always eager to listen!
This is my TG: @nicmeln

Let’s do this!