Attending my first Web3 event at EthCC was a thrilling experience. The energy was incredible, and the pace was relentless. I met countless people, attended numerous side events, and didn’t rest for a moment during the four full days.

Navigating the Chaos of Side Events

One of the biggest challenges was the sheer number of side events. With dozens happening each day, choosing where to go was overwhelming. Scheduling meetings in advance was nearly impossible due to the unpredictable nature of the event. This side event scene is truly unique and unlike any other conference I’ve attended.

Lessons Learned

On the first day, I arrived without a plan, hoping to go with the flow. This turned out to be a mistake. I spent too much time on my phone, trying to figure out where to go next and following up on Telegram chats. Consequently, I missed out on many new opportunities, which is the main goal of such conferences – to seize opportunities that aren’t available through other channels.

Tips for Making the Most of EthCC

To help you avoid the pitfalls I encountered, here are my tips:

1. Run a Pre-Event Campaign

The conference itself is only a few days long, and you’ll only have time to talk to a limited number of people. Run an outreach campaign prior to the event to maximize your interactions and reach out to as many relevant leads as possible. For more details, check out our post: Pro Tips for Pre-Event Outreach Campaigns.

2. Plan Your Schedule Ahead

Make sure to plan your daily schedule before the event. Research and list the side events you’re interested in, mark the ones you choose to attend, and plan your schedule accordingly. Start each day knowing where you’re going and when. You can always adjust your plans as needed, but having a rough plan helps immensely.

3. Flexible Meeting Scheduling

Scheduling meetings in advance is almost impossible at Web3 events due to the hectic schedule. However, knowing your schedule in advance helps. You can update your potential meetings about where you will be and plan to meet at one of the events. Unlike other industry conferences, pre-scheduled meetings are rare in Web3 events, so be prepared for a more spontaneous approach.

4. Organize Your Conference Contacts

If you’re looking to meet specific contacts, add them to a specific Telegram folder. This way, it will be easier to scroll through high-priority leads rather than searching or remembering them. Use a platform like nReach to tag leads you’d like to reach out to during the conference. You can tag them as “reach out at EthCC” and set a campaign to be sent on the day of the conference, with a quick follow-up. This helps manage outreach during the busy event.

For example, you can send something like:

TG conference example

5. Post-Event Campaigns

The most critical part is the post-event follow-up. Use a platform like nReach to send follow-up messages to people you met during the conference, as well as those you didn’t get to meet. Check out this post for more details: How to Turn Event Leads into Business Opportunities.

The Turnaround

Once I prepared in advance, the second day was much better. I met many new people, discovered new business opportunities, and had a lot of fun!

I hope you find these tips helpful! Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions or questions (TG: @tullynk).


The blockchain and Web3 space is brimming with innovation, and Q2 offers a lineup of Web3 events not to be missed.
Check out the top Web3 conferences for Q2 you don’t want to miss:



Dates: April 3-5, 2024
Location: New York City, USA
Estimated attendees: 15K

Why Attend? A cornerstone event in the bustling heart of New York, NFT NYC attracts top American companies like Alchemy and Certik. It’s an unparalleled gathering for enthusiasts keen on the latest in NFT innovation and blockchain technology.

Event website


Paris Blockchain Week

Dates: April 9-11, 2024
Location: Paris, France
Estimated attendees: 8K

Why Attend? Experience a week filled with Web3 activities in the picturesque setting of Paris. This event is a relaxed yet informative venue for networking with a diverse crowd from the blockchain community.

Event website



Dates: April 18-19, 2024
Location: Dubai, UAE
Estimated attendees: 10K

Why Attend? Marking its debut in Dubai, Token2049 promises a unique blend of investors, startups, and creative minds. It’s an ideal platform for those looking to dive deep into the global Web3 ecosystem.

Here we have a special treat – free list of companies attending token2049 – can download it here. Or ping us on Telegram form more details.

Event website


Consensus by CoinDesk

Dates: May 29-31, 2024
Location: Austin, USA
Estimated attendees: 15K

Why Attend? Tailored more towards institutional interests and serious blockchain business discussions, Consensus is where the industry’s leaders converge to shape the future of blockchain and digital assets.

Event website



These events are crucial for anyone in the Web3 space, offering endless opportunities for growth, connections, and shaping the industry’s future. 

To make the most of each, plan your attendance well, including strategic pre and post-event outreach. For insights on executing successful event outreach campaigns, visit our latest blog post. For assistance with event lists and contacts, connect with us on Telegram

Wishing you success and looking forward to potential meet-ups at upcoming events!