Hey folks, let’s dive into a topic that’s hotter than a summer in the Sahara for anyone in sales and marketing: Building Your Ideal Lead List. Ever wondered why, despite having the slickest pitch and the coolest product, you’re still not getting results? It’s probably because your message isn’t reaching the right audience.. Let’s get into the art and science of crafting a lead list that’s not just a bunch of names, but a curated collection of potential success stories waiting to unfold.

Why Bother With a Lead List, Anyway?

In the grand chess game of web3 sales, your lead list is your opening move. Get it wrong, and you’re playing catch-up; get it right, and the board is yours to command. It’s not about blasting your message to anyone with a telegram handle; it’s about finding the folks who wake up in the middle of the night sweating about the very problem your product solves.

Decoding the Alphabet Soup: ICP and Persona

Before we roll up our sleeves, let’s decode some jargon. ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and Persona are the twin beacons guiding your ship through the foggy seas of prospecting.

  • ICP is your dream customer. This isn’t about who you can sell to; it’s about who needs to buy from you. Think of it as matchmaking at a cosmic level. Your product solves a particular set of problems for a particular set of customers. Your job is to find them, not convince the unconvinced.
  • Persona gets personal. It zooms in from the company to the individual. Who in that organization loses sleep over the problem you solve? Is it the CTO, the Marketing Lead, or the Product Manager? That’s who you’re after.

Crafting Your Lead List: The How-To

Building a lead list is like brewing your perfect cup of coffee. It’s an art and a science, requiring a balance of intuition and data. Here’s how you start:

  • The Right Targets: Login to nReach platform and use on-chain and off-chain filters to segment your first list of projects that could benefit most from your offering right now.. Begin with a broad sweep to identify your ICPs – those companies that are just right for what you’re offering. 
  • Get Personal: Then, zoom in on the personas within those companies. Precision targeting is the name of the game.
  • Regular Updates: Your lead list is a living, breathing entity. Nurture it with regular updates, adding fresh prospects and refining old ones. It’s your garden of opportunity – tend to it.
  • Quarterly Focus: Go hard on prospecting at the quarter’s start, then gradually shift gears towards closing. It’s about building momentum early and then riding the wave to success.

Tips from the Trenches

Timing is everything: Set account triggers to keep an eye out for signals that a company is ripe for your offering. Did they just land a hefty funding round? Are they actively deploying smart contracts on testnets? Did their number of active users surge in the last 30 days? These are your cues to make a move.

Building Your First List

Start with understanding your ICPs and Personas. Analyze who you’ve successfully sold to in the past and spot the patterns. Then, using this insight, begin crafting your list based on factors like niche, ecosystem, on-chain metrics like TVL, volume, active wallets and funding.

The Home Stretch

Reflect on your unique strengths and connections. Which ecosystems are you already a part of? Use this as your launching pad for building that killer lead list.

And remember, folks, building your ideal lead list isn’t just a step in the process; it’s the foundation upon which all your sales efforts stand. Get it right, and the sky’s the limit. Stay tuned for our next dive, where we’ll get hands-on with list-building strategies that you can apply right away. 

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