7 Essential Best Practices for Telegram Outreach

Tal Nissenson
March 5, 2024
7 essential best practices for telegram outreach

When you are looking to grab attention from your prospect leads, picking the right channel is critical, you need to choose the channel where your lead spends most of his time on, no use sending an email or reaching out on Linkedin if your prospect recipient rarely checks these platforms.

In Web3 space, Telegram is King. Despite its relative newness, Telegram has become a key player for sales, customer success, and business development professionals, boasting one of the highest growth rates among messaging platforms.

This is why TG outreach is a must for Web3 sales.

While Telegram might seem a bit overwhelming at first, however, with the right approach and tools, it can significantly boost your engagement rates and success in closing deals.


Here are a few best practices to kickstart your success:

Personalize your account:
Write a short bio and personalize it with a nice photo—maybe a photo with your pet or an NFT you own.

Warm up the account:
Engage in relevant groups and start personal conversations before beginning your outreach to minimize the risk of being marked as spam. For insights on effectively warming up your Telegram account, explore our detailed guide.

Filter your contacts:
Ensure your messages are targeted by selecting recipients who are relevant to your outreach, reducing the chance of being seen as spam as well as protecting your brand’s reputation.

Create engaging messages:
The opening sentence is crucial as it influences the recipient’s decision if to open or ignore your message. Write concise messages with a hook in the first sentence to ensure they’re opened, read more tips on how to craft a winning outreach message on this post.

Scale your outreach:
Use a dedicated platform like nReach for efficient, well-paced messaging.

Manage responses:
Outreach is only the beginning. Prepare ahead to quickly address replies using tools to sort and respond to unread messages, make sure to have templates ready for frequently asked questions.

Share demo videos:
Telegram allows for effective demo sharing with visible previews, enhancing your message’s impact.


As it emerges as a key communication platform in the Web3 space, staying ahead with Telegram is not just beneficial—it’s essential.