My Key Learnings from Token 2049 Dubai

Nicolai Melniciuc TG:@nicmeln
May 5, 2024
Token2049 key learnings

Token2049 was more than just a conference; it was a snapshot of the current and future potential of the web3 space. For those in B2B sales or development, these insights are valuable for navigating the evolving landscape.

Let’s dive into the key takeaways from the event, filled with networking and insights into the future of web3.

The Bull Market is Back

There’s a noticeable revival of the energy that characterized the early days of 2022. If you haven’t attended a web3 event yet, consider this a gentle nudge. The difference between bear and bull markets is stark; while bear markets can be gloomy, bull markets buzz with opportunities and enthusiasm.

Key Observations

Investors Everywhere: The place was swarming with investors looking for promising ventures. This vibrant investment scene wasn’t just limited to the big players; many small projects were also in the mix, each striving to make an impact.

Service Providers Galore: Lawyers, marketers, and developers were all over, looking for the next big deal. This rush highlights a shift from the usual “build in bear, earn in bull” to a “build and earn in bull” mentality. A word of caution, though: the rush often leads to compromised quality because of the haste to launch.

New Players: The event showcased many new faces and projects. While fresh blood is crucial for innovation, not all new entrants might survive the next market downturn. Stability and longevity in web3 often belong to those who’ve weathered previous storms.

Technology’s Evolving Role

Telegram’s Utility: Pavel Durov discussed how Telegram is simplifying crypto transactions, making them as easy as sending a text message. This could position Telegram at the forefront of blockchain utilities going mainstream.

The Rise of TON: With features like USDT on TON, Telegram is enhancing its utility, making it indispensable for both casual chats and serious crypto transactions.

Wrapping Up

As we look forward to future events that foster discussion and forge partnerships, remember: the intersection of technology and business in web3 is brimming with opportunities, but it rewards those who adapt and innovate thoughtfully.

See you at the next event, ready for more learning and networking!

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any thoughts, ideas, or questions—I’m always eager to listen!

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