How to Warm up Your TG Account Before Outreach?

Nicolai Melniciuc TG:@nicmeln
March 14, 2024
how to warm up TG account

Navigating Telegram for cold outreach without getting the dreaded “account limited” status is akin to mastering the art of invisibility in a crowded market. It’s about blending in, respecting the norms, and making genuine connections. Here’s a guide, devoid of sales jargon, on how to warm up your Telegram account, whether you want to do this with the old or the new one

For the New Kids on the Block

Just landed in Telegram town with a brand new account? Here’s your starter kit to avoid setting off any alarms:

  • Invest in Telegram Premium: It’s only a few USD monthly and it’s like buying a fast pass at an amusement park. Paying for premium status not only supports Telegram but also eases your way into higher messaging limits.
  • Warm-Up Is Key: Imagine you’re new in town. You wouldn’t immediately start knocking on every door, would you? Dip your toes by joining various groups and channels, and have a few conversations with your coworkers. Engage like a human being who’s genuinely interested in the conversation, not just scouting for prospects.

For the Veterans

Your current Telegram has been temporarily limited and you want to avoid this again in the future? Here’s how to keep it fresh and under the radar:

  • Your Copy is King: If your messages start resembling a spammy flyer, expect to be treated as such. Keep it human, keep it relevant. Discover additional messaging tips in our guide to mastering Telegram cold outreach.
  • No Cold Links: Sending links to strangers is the equivalent of handing out flyers on the street. Unless you’ve already established a connection, save your links for later conversations.
  • Personalize: Your outreach should be as personalized as a hand-written letter. If you’re blasting identical messages, you’re essentially wearing a “spam” badge.
  • The Human Touch: Consider sending voice notes or short videos as follow-ups. Showing your face and using their name makes it harder for someone to dismiss you as just another bot.
  • Give Them an Out: It’s okay to not always get a response. Make it easy for people to say no or ignore your message. This respect for their space and time can go a long way.


Remember, the aim of warming up your Telegram account isn’t to disguise spam as conversation but to initiate meaningful dialogues that resonate on a human level. So, as you progress, keep it genuine, keep it respectful, and let the conversations flow naturally.

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