How to Turn Event Leads into Business Opportunities

Tal Nissenson
June 6, 2024
How to Turn Event Leads into Business Opportunities

You know the feeling when you return from a conference, having had so many great conversations but struggling to remember the details? You meet so many people, and it’s challenging to connect the conversation to the name or face later on.

However, it’s critical to follow up on these connections, as they could represent significant business opportunities you don’t want to miss.

Here are our steps on how to do that using nReach without spending too much time:

  1. During the Conference:
    • Start a chat with new connections on Telegram using the TG QR code.
    • Send a first message with key details to help both of you remember the reason for the connection, and include a photo of you both! A smiley photo is the perfect memory jogger.
      For example – just a fun snapshot from Consensus 2024!

      Katrina Arman & Yaniv Azar

      Katrina Arman (Flight3) & Yaniv Azar (nReach)

    • Best to do it on the go—add these connections to a specific conference folder. No worries if you can’t do it immediately; you can scroll through the chats later and add the conference chats to this new folder.
  2. After the Conference:
    • Upload Contacts to nReach: Select the conference folder to upload the contacts, the platform will attach them to their correct company automatically.
    • Setup a Sequence TG Campaign: Send the outreach around a week after the conference to give your contacts time to catch up, but don’t wait too long—7 days is usually ideal. Set up a sequence of 3-4 messages. I’ve included a sequence template here that has shown proven response rates. For more details on setting up a sequence campaign, check out this blog post: Boost Response Rate with Telegram Outreach Sequences
      nreach post conference high performance sequence example
      Post event TG sequence
  3. Manage Responses:
    • Sit back and wait for the responses to come in. When they do, make sure you don’t miss any.
    • Use nReach to track responses and reply via the platform promptly to maintain the conversation and momentum.

We hope these tips are helpful. If you have more tips that have worked for you, please share them with me via Telegram: @tullynk.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next Web3 conference!