Boost Response Rate with Telegram Outreach Sequences

Tal Nissenson
June 4, 2024

Telegram outreach is a tricky channel to master. While Telegram response rates are typically higher than email and other traditional channels, they can still vary greatly depending on your campaign strategy, content, and frequency.

Don’t rely on getting a positive response to your first message. In today’s fast-paced world, people often miss or overlook messages. They might be on vacation or simply inundated with daily communications. This is why a sequence is critical for increasing your response rate. It doesn’t mean you need to be pushy, but rather give them more opportunities to respond in case the first message came at a bad time. 

But you need to do it right. Here are a few proven best practices for Telegram sequence campaigns:


Choose Your Target Audience Wisely

As with any outreach campaign you should use data—both on-chain and off-chain—as well as job titles to ensure you’re reaching the right contact at the right time. Don’t just guess and send blindly. 

Correctly Setup Your Sequence

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up an effective Telegram outreach sequence:

  1. First Message: Your first message should be informative and to the point. Introduce yourself (keep it short) and provide a brief overview of how you can help. Focus on addressing their specific pain points, not about yourself. For more tips on writing compelling messages, read our blog post: Mastering Telegram Cold Outreach (Templates Included)
  2. Follow-Up Messages: Set up 3-4 follow-up messages with 2-3 days gap between each. Ensure each message builds on the previous one, providing more value and context. Naturally, if the recipient responds, the follow-up messages should cease.
  3. Verify the Right Contact: One of your messages should inquire whether they are the right contact to discuss this with. This ensures you’re engaging the right person and is an effective strategy to drive a response.
  4. Offer Additional Content: Include a message that provides relevant content for them to read more and get a better impression of how your product can help them. This could be a case study, a blog post, or a white paper.
  5. Closing Message: Your last message should confirm that if there is no response till this point, the product may not be relevant for them. This closure gives your contact a last chance to respond.


An example sequence, you can easily setup using nReach:

TG seq example


Automate Your Sequences

Doing this manually is close to impossible. You need to use a platform like nReach to set these sequences to run automatically. All you’ll need to do is set this up, sit back, and let the responses come in.
By following these best practices and automating your outreach sequences, you can significantly boost your response rate on Telegram. Happy outreaching!